Debut Solo album by Karen Ryan now available on Cló Iar-Chonnacht

Karen Ryan - The Coast Road
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Track Listing

1. REELS: The Limerick Lasses, The Gatehouse Maid, The Mountain Top 


2. JIGS: Kitty’s Rambles, Kitty of Oulart, An Rógaire Dubh


3. HORNPIPES: Plains of Boyle, McGlinchey’s, Walsh’s

4. POLKAS: Dan Herlihy’s, Tom Billy’s

5. SLOW AIR: Sliabh Gheal Ghua

6. REELS: Sally Gardens, Miss McCloud’s, Tommy Maguire’s

 7. JIGS: Kiss the Bride, Shandon Bells

8. REELS: Mrs Lawrie’s, Karen Ryan’s

9. JIGS: Dr. O’Neill’s, Saddle the Pony

10. SLIP JIGS: The Gathering, Liverpool to London, The New Piano

11. REELS: The Swallow’s Tail, The Sunny Banks, The London Lasses

12. SONG: An Droighneán Donn

13. WALTZ and REEL: Tim O’Leary’s, The Rabbit’s Burrow

14. JIGS: Going to Mass last Sunday, The Gold Ring, The Battering Ram

15. REELS: Galway Reel, Musical Priest, Sailor on the Rock

with Pete Quinn (piano) and special guests: Conor Doherty (guitar), Gary Connolly (accordion), Colman Connolly (uilleann pipes), Elaine Conwell (fiddle), Teresa Connolly (fiddle) and Nancy McEvaddy (vocal)

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Pete Quinn Elaine Conwell Colman Connolly
Gary Connolly Teresa Connolly Conor Doherty
Nancy McEvaddy

‘That a London style of traditional Irish music has evolved from the 1960s to the present day, is generally accepted worldwide. The product of great immigrant musicians from all parts of Ireland getting together. Goodwill and good will music being foremost at the London sessions. Listening to Karen’s recording of the Coast Road does great justice to these musicians past and present. Sweet and neat would not be a sufficient description of this no less than great recording. Musical sincerity and a yearning for the fifth dimension comes to mind. Well done Karen and Pete and guests.

Danny Meehan.

'Karen Ryan is one of our great musicians here in London. Lucky for me I've known her since she was a little girl playing whistle and banjo but as she got older she favoured the fiddle which she plays in her very popular band The London Lasses. Karen plays with fluency, great control and beautiful tone, listening to her playing reminds me of when me and my siblings were young - we used to play football but when we got tired we used to sit by the stream which ran at the back of the house and listen to the water flowing. I think that's the best way to describe her beautiful, flowing music.

Brian Rooney.

‘This is a lovely CD from Karen displaying her numerous skills on a variety of instruments. She has a personal style with strong, rhythmical, expressive tones. Karen is one of the legacy of the great immigrant musicians of the 1950s and 60s to England. She also carries on the teaching tradition of Tommy Maguire and Brendan Mulkere. Hundreds of young people have benefited from her teaching skills, taking part successfully in Fleadh Britain and Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann. Irish traditional music is safe in her hands.'

Brendan McGlinchey.

Karen's Other Recordings

Mick Mulvey Reels:
REELS: The Coachman's Whip, The Tailor's Thimble, The Red Haired Lass - Mick Mulvey (flute), Karen Ryan (fiddle), Pete Quinn (piano)
from: Within A Mile O' Jamestown - Mick Mulvey, 2003


Brendan McGlinchey:
HORNPIPE AND REELS: Plains of Boyle, The Boys of the Lough and The Jolly Tinker - Brendan McGlinchey and Karen Ryan (fiddles), Kevin Boyle (piano) and Paul Brennan (bodhran)
from: Bon Cabbage - The Movies Ceili Band, 1999



Johnny Seoighe
AIR and SONG: Johnny Seoighe from: By Night & By Day – The London Lasses and Pete Quinn, 2010



Besom in Bloom Jig/ Paddy Taylor’s Reel
JIGS AND REELS: Bohola/ Besom in Bloom/ Paddy Taylor’s Reel/ Piper on Horseback from: Track Across the Deep – The London Lasses and Pete Quinn, 2003



Green Grow the Rushes slow reel
SLOW REELS: Green Grow the Rushes/ Kevin Coyne’s - Enchanted Lady – The London Lasses and Pete Quinn, 2006



The Girl who broke my Heart Reel:
REELS: The Girl who Broke my Heart, My Love is in America, Humours of Ballyconnell: The London Lasses and Pete Quinn, 2000 )



Jim Donoghue’s/ Josie McDermott’s (Meitheal Cheoil and Reg Hall – Making Tracks):
REELS: Jim Donoghue’s/ Josie McDermott’s – Making Tracks (produced by Kathy Walton): Meitheal Cheoil students and Reg Hall, 2003


WALTZES: Saturday/ Mrs Kenny’s: Taking Note (produced by Kathy Walton): Meitheal Cheoil students with Karen Ryan and Pete Quinn)



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